MMERAK works on mentoring working professionals and the leaders of tomorrow through integrated training programmes

What do we do?

Our specially curated learning capsules aims to transform the workforce with highly skilled professionals, who always seek to stand out in the crowd and make it big in their respective industries.

We equip professionals with adequate learning resources that aid to unleash their true potential and reaching the zenith of success.

Our guidance aids the young graduates to excel in their dream careers. Want a real career breakthrough? Enrol on our pre-placement training programme which bridges the gap between professional expectations and skills.

Our experiential training is based on a rigorous, theoretical examination of the methodologies used in the course content.

Training offered

Depending on current job role and career objectives, we train professionals and college students .

In teamwork, personality development, leadership, negotiation skills, sales training, among other domains. The Training Program covers a wide range of topics, which are described below:

Our exclusive Leadership and Team Management programme covers the following topics:
• Defining the team's vision and objectives.
• Managing team disputes.
• Defining the team's vision and objectives.
• Team formation
• Analyzing and evaluating team requirements.
• Effective Communication




Price :

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Duration :

30 days

Lectures :


Training Placement Assistance



Skills Trainer and Life Coach

Why Choose US

MMEARK focuses on polishing each individual’s potential with skills training, thereby preparing them to face real-life challenges with confidence. Our programmes are tailored according to the career objectives and needs of individuals. At the end of every class, our expert mentors conduct a question-answer session.

Having a good set of team management and leadership skills can greatly work in your favour, as you go on with your professional career. Who knows, it might be the ultimate game-changer for you! Connect with us now to know more.

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FAQs on Soft skills

What are soft skills?

Soft skills include the skills we use to communicate and build relationships. They determine how we approach professional space and our life in general. These skills are related to our personalities. It includes qualities such as time management skills, high productivity, strong work ethics and much more.

Why are Soft Skills important?

Soft skills often turn out to be the reason behind your employer's decision on whether to promote you or not. According to a study from Wonderlic, 93% of employers consider Soft Skills as an “essential” factor in hiring decisions.

Can soft skills be learned or are you born with them?

While some soft skills come easier for certain individuals, there are people who aren't adept at them. However, there are multiple ways you can polish these skills and ace them over time. Our soft skills training can help you in overall personality development and much more.

Can Soft Skills be learned in a classroom setting?

Soft skills often turn out to be the reason behind your employer's decision on whether to promote you or not. According to a study from Wonderlic, 93% of employers consider Soft SkillSoft skills are quite often referred to as people skills and they can be learned more efficiently with other people. For example, if you are learning public speaking, by practising it alone you won’t get to see the audience's reaction or get any real-time feedback. Hence these skills can be effectively learned in a classroom setting.s as an “essential” factor in hiring decisions.

What are some examples of soft skills?

Problem-solving, Communication, Teamwork, Adaptability, Time Management are some examples of soft skills.